à la une Insider: Meet Simoné Offer

à la une Insider: Meet Simoné Offer

Our recent collaboration with Simoné was a delightful blend of sophistication and a dreamy holiday ambiance.

Simoné is a 24-year-old full-time content creator who focuses on UGC and product photography. We worked with Simoné near the end of last year, and have been in awe of her ever since. The à la une insider recently caught up with Simoné in Cape Town, where she styled and wore looks from our holiday capsule collection - Azure.

Below, our conversation with our latest muse, Simoné Offer.


Can you tell us a little bit about yourself, where you come from, and what you are currently doing?

I live in Somerset West with my hubby and our two fur babies Honey and Peach, they are the literal loves of my life! I currently work as a full-time content creator specializing in UGC and product photography.


What inspired you to go into content creation?

I grew up consuming a lot of content from beauty and fashion creators (especially on YouTube - I was obsessed with Zoella haha) and I always knew it was my dream to work in social media in some capacity, I just didn't know what that would look like for me or how I would get there. Now that I am creating content full-time I feel so incredibly blessed because I get to create such diverse content, keep learning and expanding my skills daily and I get to work with such incredible brands.


What is your favourite platform to create content for?

Instagram for sure! I love documenting the little moments in life on my stories, creating reels on specific topics, and interacting with my little community. I feel Instagram is a very diverse platform that has something for everyone.


You’ve recently started a YouTube channel - How is it going?

Youtube has definitely been a big learning curve for me! Getting to know the platform from a creator's point of view has been a bit tricky, but I've had so much fun documenting my life and I look forward to looking back at my vlogs years from now and seeing how my life has changed.


You have such a great sense of style, and eye for aesthetics, who are you most drawn to for inspiration in the fashion industry?

One of my biggest style icons is definitely Matilda Djerf. Not necessarily that I feel my style resembles hers, but because I believe she is such an inspiration to our generation because she doesn't have a cookie-cutter style - she wears what makes her feel good and that doesn't always fall into a specific style category, and I love that.


If you could only wear one fashion trend for the rest of time, what would we be seeing you in?

Matching sets for sure! If my entire wardrobe could be made out of matching sets, I'd be happy.


If you weren’t a content creator, what do you think you’d be doing?

I think I would still probably own my own clothing brand or be involved in fashion/sewing in some capacity!


What’s something you’d tell your younger self?

I would tell her to not give an ounce of attention to what others are doing, saying, and thinking around me. What others choose to think about you and what you're doing with your life - is none of your business.


We look forward to seeing where Simoné Offer's career is taking her, stay up-to-date with what she does on her Instagram at @simonexoffer.

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