à la une Insider: Meet Leigh Sayag

à la une Insider: Meet Leigh Sayag

To say Leigh Sayag is a female powerhouse would be something of an understatement. Working alongside her two sisters in Tel Aviv, social media manager & content creator Leigh Sayag is à la une’s latest muse. Being infatuated by fashion from a young age, the 27-year-old fashionista is taking over social media by storm after completing her studies in psychology and social work.

Inspired by the likes of Nitsan Raiter or Hanna Schonberg, Leigh has curated a brilliant eye for styling and content creation. The à la une insider caught up with Leigh in Cape Town, where she styled and wore looks from our summer ’22/23 collection.

Below, our conversation with our current It-girl, Leigh Sayag.


Can you tell us a little bit about yourself, where you come from, and what you are currently doing?

I grew up in Johannesburg, but originally my whole family is from Israel- and that's where I currently live! I lived and studied in Cape Town for about 7 years before packing up my life and moving to Tel Aviv last year! I currently work with my 2 talented sisters in our sister-owned company as a social media manager and content creator for businesses all over the world. 


What inspired you to start your business, Social Strangers (@socialstrangers_), with your sisters?

My older sister started Social Strangers back while I was still a student- she is the marketing mastermind behind our entire operation! The business was growing so much that she needed extra hands on board- and who better to employ than her very own mini-me's! All 3 of us have always been passionate about content creation, aesthetics, creative direction, photography, art, etc. so it felt like a natural alignment for us to start working together, and the rest is history! We now successfully run many social media accounts for global businesses, and we love what we do!


You have such a great sense of style, and eye for aesthetics, who are you most drawn to for inspiration in the fashion industry?

First of all- thank you so much! That’s a huge compliment! I’ve been into fashion and aesthetics as far back as I can remember, so my inspirations are always changing! But right now my inspiration for my style comes mainly from other creators like Nitsan Raiter or Hanna Schonberg- who are not only fashion content creators, they’re also successful entrepreneurs! Goals!! 


If you could only wear one fashion trend for the rest of time, what would we be seeing you in?

That’s a hard one!! Honestly I’ll always love a good power suit- a flared trouser and oversized blazer gets me every time! I think it’s the most timeless and effortless outfit that will just continue evolving according to fashion trends! 


How would you describe your style in three words?

My style is constantly evolving, but right now I’d describe it as minimal, feminine, and curated.  


I’m sure working with your sisters always keeps you on your toes, what are the biggest lessons you’ve learnt so far?

Its always hard to work with family, but the best part about it is that its honestly so fun sharing your ideas and creativity with people who can basically read your mind and finish your sentences- with people who understand you and see your vision! I’ve learned everything I know about social media and marketing from my older sister Shani- she’s a creative and business genius, so I’m learning from her every single day. But I’d say the biggest lesson I’ve learned while working with my sisters is that setting professional boundaries is so important- even more so when working with family! We’ve spent almost a year navigating our boundaries so that we don’t blur the line between colleagues and sisters.


If you weren’t running Social Strangers, what do you think you’d be doing?

My dream just before joining social strangers was actually to start my own clothing label here in South Africa, so maybe that’s what I’d be doing if I wasn't part of Social Strangers! But the opportunity to move to Tel Aviv fell in my lap at the same time and I couldn’t resist it, so my dream is on the back burner for now! 


What do you miss the most about Cape Town when you aren’t here?

What I miss most about Cape Town and South Africa in general when I’m not here I’d bring with my friends and family of course! But Cape Town sunset will forever have my heart- I’ll always miss those beautiful African sunsets!


We look forward to seeing where Leigh Sayag’s career is taking her, stay up-to-date with what she does on her Instagram at @leighsayag

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