à la une Insider: Meet Leah De Góis

à la une Insider: Meet Leah De Góis

In the world of fashion, style is not just about what you wear, but a reflection of who you are. We had the pleasure of catching up with the multi-talented Leah De Góis, a 24-year-old fashion aficionado whose journey into the realm of content creation has been nothing short of inspirational.

From her early days studying fashion to embarking on adventures across the globe, Leah's unique blend of classic, comfortable, and cool style has caught the attention of many. Join us as we delve into her world, her experiences in fashion school, and her inspiring journey into the world of content creation.


Can you tell us a little bit about yourself, where you come from, and what you are currently doing?

I was born and raised in the Northern Suburbs, I went to high school in Stellenbosch and then proceeded to study in Cape Town CBD so I'm pretty well rounded!

I studied a BA in Fashion Design at FEDISA Fashion School, and graduated in 2020 at the end of Covid which was chaotic, but now I'm very grateful to be able to pursue my passions as a full-time fashion, lifestyle, beauty and travel content creator!


What inspired you to go into content creation?

Honestly, it kind of just happened by chance! As mentioned earlier, I studied fashion and graduated during Covid - so by the time I was exposed to the working world, nobody was hiring. It was really difficult on me mentally at the time, I worked really hard at university and did well - so to constantly be rejected from every job I was applying for (some which I had zero interest in doing too), really took a toll on my self esteem. I've always been a creative person, and being creative really brings me joy.

I thought why not hone in on that creativity and translate into something incredibly relevant, and remote like social media. So in a nutshell that's basically how I started online.


What was it like going to fashion school? How was the experience for you?

Fashion school was hectic. It's not glamorous at all.

It's really stressful and fast paced and a chaotic whirlwind of sleepless nights, calloused fingers and competition - but I loved it.

I'm extremely competitive by nature, I love being the best. I love being aspirational and inspiring and pushing myself to see what I can achieve no matter the risk.  I always knew I wanted to study fashion, I also knew how cutthroat the industry was - so from day one I promised myself to lay low but over achieve.

It was incredibly hectic, but I'm so glad I did it and I'm incredibly proud of everything I achieved at FEDISA.


We see you’ve just been traveling! What’s been your favourite destination you went to?

On my past trip I definitely think Croatia was my favourite!

The energy was amazing, the people were really kind and the food was absolutely delicious! It was also nice going with just myself and my boyfriend Dev, we love meeting new people and met so many cool people on that trip.

Not to mention the incredible beaches! If you're planning a trip to Croatia, definitely make sure you go to Hvar!


You have such a great sense of style, and eye for aesthetics, who are you most drawn to for inspiration in the fashion industry?

Ah, thank you! Honestly, as I've gotten older I find myself gravitating towards things/feelings that inspire me more so than specific people.

I really just wear what I love, and I've also gotten more into being a lot more conscious of what I consume - I'll never buy or wear something unless I actually LOVE it!

But, if we're talking specifics in terms of inspiration that I love, my absolute favourite brand of all time is Mirror Palais, Marcelo Gaia is incredible!


If you could only wear one fashion trend for the rest of time, what would we be seeing you in?

Controversial, but if we're talking trends probably ballet flats. I especially love Mary Janes.

But yes, I'd be incredibly happy with a ballet flats collection of the classic Chanel's, Miu Miu's with the grommets, classic Repettos with a little heel, and you cannot forget the Ganni ones.


How would you describe your style in three words?

Classic, Comfortable and Cool.


If you weren’t a content creator, what do you think you’d be doing?

Probably working somewhere in the fashion industry, or as a journalist, perhaps a food blogger or maybe even in musical theatre - who knows!


What’s something you’d tell your younger self?

You can literally do anything you put your mind to, and you are good enough.


Leah's story is a reminder that life's unexpected twists can lead to extraordinary outcomes. Her journey from fashion school graduate to a full-time content creator is a testament to the power of passion and the resilience to pursue one's dreams. Stay up-to-date with what Leah does on her Instagram at @leah.degois.

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